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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme

The  Law Society of Kenya's Continuous Professional Development Program has been in full operation for the last four years. The Program is self financed by registration fees charged on participants of the sessions and administrative support from the Law Society of Kenya.

The Program rolls out an annual calendar which covers different law topics in the format of seminars and lectures. The sessions are carried out in various towns in the Country and a number of advocates and non-advocates  experts in various professional fields volunteer to present at the sessions. The CPD Calendar has over sixty sessions in fifteen towns in Kenya. Furthermore the Programme rolls out supplementary free programmes throughout the year, many of which are organized in partnership with development partners.

The Committee on CPD provides policy direction to the program and meets monthly to discuss pertinent issues of implementation of the program. The Committee also accredits other institutions which would like to put on sessions on professional development for lawyers. The Committee has developed guidelines on CPD which ensure the efficient running of the Program.

Under the Committee’s guidance, the Continuous Professional Development Program has become, in recent years, an integral aspect of legal practice in Kenya. It is one of the most vibrant program of the Law Society of Kenya. This is in line with its vision of structuring the on going training of advocates on the latest developments in the law and acting as a forum for discussion of proposed legislation.

The Committee has two sub-committees: Education Committee and Finance Committee. The Education Subcommittee deals with accreditation matters while the Finance Committee is in charge of budgetary issues.